Discovery Above Ground Pools


Above ground pools like the Discovery LX are a whole new way to vacation and is one of the ONLY pools approved for use with salt water. Many above ground pools are not approved for use with salt water generators but this is one is.

The Discovery LX pools can help you discover the true meaning of a backyard vacation. Enjoy every morning, afternoon or evening in the luxury of your completely carefree all resin corrosion free swimming pool. Simple design with an elegant touch, the Discovery goes together quite easily using nylon and resin components. The Discovery LX is built to last, with liner options and a wall design to suit your taste. These pools also deliver a lot more summer fun for your dollar, than other types of pools.

Discover Fun Again with one of the 52″ Discovery LX pools. Precision engineered to utilize the strength of a blow molded resin the 5-1/2″ top rails and 4-1/2″ pool support uprights add sleek and specific strength to the integral design of this resin pool.

  • Salt water tested & salt water approved with a 60 year warranty, 5-year Full + 55-year prorated
  • Top Ledge/Outer Face – Internal ribbing offers: optimal liner/steel wall support & enhanced stability.
  • Inner Face – Ribbed molding enhances support, notably at the upright’s base where water pressure is most instense.
  • Base Crown – A double-lock system around the bases of the uprights provides increased strength and solidity, as well as double protection that keeps joiner plates fixed and firm.
  • Indexing Stystem – System reinforces structural stability.  Parts assemble for perfect cohesion.
  • Wall Channel – Oversized rail for more wall stability.  Easy to install and 100% rust proof.  Wall clip permits greater stability when the ground stifts.