Nova Above Ground Pools



 The Nova is called a “next generation” above ground pool for a reason, not just because they are good looking but because of their Strength, Sturdiness and longevity. Yet, the Nova is one of the simplest and easiest pools to assemble.
The Futuristic, Vista wall pattern has a fully integrated massive 9″ Poly-Vinyl coated top rail design and 8″ vertical uprights, producing one of the strongest, sturdiest pools on the market. You’ll be simply amazed at how this pool stands up, going above and beyond it’s nearest competitor. We feel certain you won’t find a higher quality steel component design anywhere else.  Blending quality, endurance and reliability. Excellent value and Quality Steel Construction – for a Relaxing or exciting back yard – as you like it!

Key Features:

  • STR: 9″ steel top ledge and steel bottom plates
  • RTR: 9″ resin top ledge and resin bottom plates
  • Collar-lock engineering for secure joints
  • Attractive wall design
  • Space Saver uprights use less space in your yard
  • The most reliable coating in the industry