At Atlas, we’ve been constructing storage buildings for over 30 years, which means we’re well-versed in the storage, portability, durability and functionality needs of our customers. We take pride in the quality of the products we produce. We’ve created several storage building designs with multiple options to fit the needs, aesthetic desires and budget of most anyone that comes to Atlas. .


Our most economical and affordable storage building option with a classic barn style roof. This basic storage building is perfect for storing yard equipment, small tools, boxes and similar items.


The next step up from our Bargain Barn with a cathedral roof and taller walls, yet still affordable and economical. This is also a basic storage building for storing yard equipment, small tools and such, but with its taller walls it can store slightly taller equipment than the Bargain Barn.


Our premier storage building of superior quality built with a cathedral roof, structurally thicker walls and a more durable floor; making it perfect for storing larger heavier items like motorcycles and riding lawn mowers. This building also makes a great hobby room, workshop or office building.

Loft Barn

This building has thicker walls similar to the Deluxe, but instead of a cathedral roof it has a unique heavy-duty truss system barn-style roof unmatched by its competition. It also features two lofts and a handy workbench for a table saw or potting plants, making it a perfect all-purpose storage building or workshop.


This loft / barn style building is a whole lot more than a storage building. With a beautiful, spacious porch and quite a few more windows, this building is an ideal hunting cabin, economical home or in-law unit. It’s portable like all the other buildings, so it can be moved if necessary.

Deluxe Cabin

Similar to the Cabin but with a deluxe-style cathedral roof with higher ceilings. The Deluxe Cabin also has plenty of windows and a beautiful porch for enjoying the outdoors.