Experienced and Quality

We had needed a cover for our very sunny patio for some time and had met with several companies about building just the right structure that would compliment our house and solve our sunny problem. We were relieved to find Atlas Building Systems Inc. When we met with Mr. Primo and Mr. Downs we knew we could be confident that we were in good hands. We were assured that the structure would work well with our house. They were very experienced and made suggestions to help our decision making process easier. Mr. Downs and Mr. Herschbach visited at least once a day to check on the progress of the construction. Their crew was very hard working and from the builders to electrical and painter. We are beyond pleased and happy with the entire experience. Our patio has been transformed into a beautiful open air, outdoor room that we enjoy everyday. The structure looks as if it was built when the house was originally built. We are so happy with the excellent quality and the integrity and quality of people we dealt with at Atlas

- Andy Poston


This has been on my to do list for a long time, and now I think I will tell you about Atlas Buildings, Pools and Spas. We bought our first storage building eight years ago and we love it; still just as good as the day they installed it. Well you know how things go, a one time thing right? Then I got sick and the doctor had me to do physical therapy in water and I had done great, but when I stopped the pain came back. Well, Atlas is on my way to town (we live in Chandler) and I saw the pools so we stopped and we spoke to Darrell about getting a pool. We are now owners of an above ground pool. Darrell and Sheila have made it so easy to keep it clean. My husband was in need of a storage building- Atlas here we come. Then I was talking to Darrell about putting a chain link fence around my back yard, and Darrell said “we can do that” and it’s done, then I wanted a cover over my back porch and again Darrell said “we can do that” so now its done. I have always wanted a screened in front porch, well, you know the story and I love it. The men that works for Atlas are very nice and do great work. The men show respect for their work and it shows. I am very happy that God led me to Atlas. Last year I had some trouble with my pool but Atlas lead me through it and this year I bought a pool vacuum and man it is GREAT. So what I’m trying to say is that Atlas is a very good place to do business with, and they treat you like family. I found out that they are a family owned business. I like to give my business to people that knows how to treat their customers.  
- Mareta Bostick

Meet every objectives

We were not financially able to hire Atlas to completely rebuild the church, but they worked with us and came up with a plan to complete the shell of the church. We were very pleased to find a company to assist us and help us meet our objectives. The shell of the church was built in a matter of weeks, very well put together and the cosmetics were very pleasing. I am pleased to say that the work and the financial matters were handled in a very professional way. The work was done to our satisfaction and we received many compliments on the work done by Atlas.

- Hattie Hamliton, Hopewell Baptist Church